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*) How to create a TShirt

1)Choose the naked® TShirt you want

2) Choose the color of the shirt: depending on your naked® TShirt you can select up to 15 colors

3) Add an image

a) from the image library
simply click on the image and it will be placed on your naked® Shirt

b) Add your own PNG or JPG image:
PNG is a completely loss-less compression. Gradients come out much smoother and do not have the distortions that may appear in a JPG so we recommend it for image uploads.
JPG's support over 16 million colors, but slightly "distort" the image to compress the file size. For photos, the human eye cannot tell the subtle changes in color, but along straight edges and in pictures with large solid colors, distortion becomes very apparent.

•    Click on "upload your own" A window will open to choose a picture on your own computer.
•    Click "Add transparency" if  you don’t want to show white background around the image.
•    Confirm that you own the rights and your image is placed on your naked® Shirt

Move any image by placing your mouse over it. Click on it and hold the mouse key then simply move it around to place it where you want.

Please note: we recommend photos only for white Shirts!


4) Write text

The cursor should blink on the shirt already; if not, simply click anywhere with the dotted line of the shirt.
Please use the tab or „space“ space key to align text center.
Press Enter to go to the next line.
Click on the „B“ to make text appear bold, on „I“ to make it italic, on „U“ to underline it and on „F“ to choose the font you want for your text.
Clicking on  „TT“ allows you to set the set the size of your text.
Click „T + Colors“ to choose a color for your text

5) Buying your TShirt

Happy with what you designed on Click „buy“, tag your Shirt so you can find it later, fill in the size and quantity you want and click "Buy Shirt".
You will now be transferred either to Paypal, a leading online payment provider with 114 Millionen Users in 103 Nations where you can pay with credit card or Paypal or you can wire the amount in EURO to our Austrian account or in Swiss Franks to our Swiss account. Your shirt is just a few days away!

*) Maximum Printing size:

naked®Standard, naked®John, naked®George long, naked®Retro, naked®Schürze, naked®Pregnant: maximum printing size is 30 x 40cm h
naked®Girl, naked®Girl long, naked®Nancy, naked®Helen, naked®Rip, naked®Coco, naked®Scarlet,naked®Pia: maximum printingsize ca 20 x 30cm h
naked®StandardKids: maximum printingsize 20 x 30cm/h
naked®Baby: maximum printingsize 15 x 20cm/h

*) Digital Print:

We use state of the art digital-printing technologies. All colors, including White and Black will be printed directly on the textiles.

When we print colors on dark garments, we will print a layer of white under the colour print.
Pictures you upload will appear on the shirt in the maximum size that will ensure high quality prints (120dpi). If you want, you can make them smaller by clicking on the "shrink" function.

Designing for colored fabric is different but not difficult. Before you get started, it's worth reviewing the tips and tutorials below. This will enhance the quality of your shirt.

*) Full Image Area NO PROBLEM
If you place a non-transparent image onto a black garment
and itcovers the entire available image area
(photo or painting) your design will look fine. 



*) Black Background: PROBLEM
Black areas of your design are printed with black ink.
If your image has a black background, the image will
have a black square printed around it.
This is not desirable as the black ink is lighter in color than the black Shirt.


*) White Background: PROBLEM
White areas of your design are printed with white ink.
It is generally not desirable to place a solid white square behind on image.
For best results, optimize your designs and text so that they stand out
on black on their own.


*) transparenter Background: NO PROBLEM
The color of the garment will show through the transparent
areas of your design for the most professional look.
This is the preferred method. 




Please note that the actual size of promotion shirts may vary.

A: Shirtwidth below sleeves
B: Shirtleangth
C: Length of sleeve

     S     M     L    XL
A  50   53   56   59
B  69   72   74   76
C  20   20   20   21

naked®Standard Kids:    
   3/4 5/6 7/8 9/11 12/14
A  33   36   39    42      45
B  43   46   51    56      63
C  13   14   15    16,5   18

    XS    S    M     L  

A  38   40   43   45
B  55   56   57   58

naked®Girl longsleeve:
     S     M     L    XL

A  40   44   48   50
B  57   58   59   63
C  58   59   60   62

     S     M     L    XL
A  51   54   57   60
B  70   72   74   76
C  40   42   44   46

      S     M      L      XL    XXL
  50    53    56    59    61
  70    72    74    76    78

        S     M      L     XL
   42    45    48    51 
  56    58    60    62


     S     M     L    XL
A  44   46   49   51
B  63   65   67   69

*)  Transparent Background with Photoshop?

a) Create a new file with transparent Background
There are different ways to create a transparent background. We show one:

1)    Open a New file

2)    Select transparent  Background

in the „New“ dialoguebox you can under Background Contents, select "Transparent".


3)   Create your Image

Now you can create your image or text. You also can copy and paste files from other drwaing programs like Illustrator.

b) Edit transparent background on existing file with Photoshop:

1) Open the file
make a security copy of your original file you work with.


2) Turn background into a layer
Double click on the background in the layer palette to make it a layer


Leave layer settings as default and click „ok“ Now you have a layer O.

3) Select „Magic wand“ tool
Here you can experiment with the tolerance. Default 32 works well with most of the colors. Take care that "anti aliased" and "contiguous" are checked. If you uncheck it all the white areas, also from the image itself will be taken and not printed on garments.


4) Select the Background with the magic wand tool to be removed.

5) Expand your selection by 1 pixel.

Enter "1"  and click „OK“

6)  Delete
click "Delete and remove your selection.

7)Save your file as jpg oder png  for uploading it by  (png file WITHOUT) Interlace)

c) How exact do I have to place my design?

You can position your design on your Shirt exactly. Please take notice, that every image is printed by hand. Our printers will place the print as you like but there can be differences on what you have seen on your computerscreen and what your Shirt will look like.

*) Tips:

*) Print the picture yourself on your own printer at the same size you want it to appear on your products. If it looks "chunky" or "dirty" on your printer, it will look "chunky" or "dirty" on your products too.
*) If you save using JPG format, try using the lowest compression setting possible. Where this setting is located varies with different image software, but they should all have a 1-100 compression factor that you can set. Lower compression means less distortion. If you have the choice of having no compression at all that would be ideal.
*) On colored fabrics be aware that any white in your image will show as the color of the fabric. White ink is not possible in our current dye sublimation process. Also very light colors may be affected by the color of the shirt.
*) When creating graphics, try to reduce as much white space around the image as you can. Creating extra white space around the image will prevent the image to print its maximum size. Please see example:


*) Shipping to Switzerland:

We produce our naked® Shirts in Austria. Prices include Austrian taxes.
Up to 300 CHF you will not have to include customs and taxes. If you order more than that, 7,6% taxes must be paid.
Swiss Customs can come and ask for taxes.

 *) Timing und Transport:

TShirt AG prints all Designs within 2-3 days and sends them per postal service. The transport costs are Euro 3,50 regardless how many shirts you order. As soon as the naked Shirts are on their way we will send an email to you. If the Shirt doesn't arrived within a week please send an email to  office[at]TShirt AG.


*) You are not happy what you got?

Please send us the reason with your invoice number per mail to office[at]TShirt AG.
To avoid costs, don't send the Shirt back to us until we ask for it.